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Oh Calvin!

Here’s a story I’ve written for The Elephant Journal……..actually it is a snippet that came out of a revelation that I had on how comic strips affect the psyche of the Parent and the story of relationships.

Dedicated to my Fifth Gear Addict Sons…….

I love books, so my kids should love books, right? It’s genetic: Mom loves books, so do her kids.

No, no, no.

Books remind kids of so many other things—especially homework.

What do I do to help my sons love reading?

I let them choose.

Their favourite reading experience is cramming glossy car magazines.

I worry about their losing out on fiction. Granted, they are learning to compare the speeds of a Lamborghini and a Porsche—they are always learning—but I wanted them to get something out of pages the way I did a long time ago.

Enter Bill Watterson…..

Read the rest here and post your comments too!


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I want to thank all those readers who commented on the blog rant the other day. Feedback is an essential component of writing and learning. Blogging is so different from writing on the last pages of notebooks and scribbling in diaries when you don’t know what to do with your emotions. It is also different from writing for specific rates and guidelines. Again different from writing a manuscript hoping that it will get published.

In fact, blogging feels like an experiment in a lab- what are the right combinations that interest the lover of poems?

Today a sunny sad poem for you.

Do you remember the quaint poem about the squirrels– my twins actually? Then there was the strange experience I had in their school two years ago. The experience that led them to being separated into two different sections(probably why this poem is sad as well). I found this one while rummaging through my neglected MS Word files.


We sat in a circle in a tribal way

Discussing four year olds

Who need more wind and sky and fireflies.


They touch everything,their fingers want,

They cannot stay,they look like animals

Foraging, foraging.


I did not hear what the words meant,

Only felt through the patch in the sky

And space in the playground

The pinch of yesterday–

My bougainvillea-studded childhood.



As a postscript to this poem, the boys are still in separate sections but it seems to have worked out for the school(they are less naughty alone than together, obviously!) and them as well(they compensate for hours of mischief lost- at home).


© neelthemuse,2012



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Traffic Signal

Poverty does have a face. During my driving stint, I came across the traffic signal revelation, that fleeting second between red and green…..

A thingly woman holds a thing

A baby drugged with dreams

Gear change, the interlude chatter in the brain

What is that? An empty bottle, a ploy to ask for more,

The woman cleans her teeth with her fingers, windows are safe

Screens to hide in. She cleans her teeth again

With the cloth around her thing, a baby blanket put to use.


Release the clutch, move ahead, forget

The molecules rearranged with conviction

Be a responsible driver, be responsible.


© neelthemuse, 2012


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There’s a very sad headline going on right now about a baby who has been severely injured. The story is hard to believe like so many stories out there that speak of human ignorance and absence of compassion. Do pray for the child, a two year old abused and battered…..


Sometimes to plunge is the easier way.

The precipice is deep, here vultures hold sway,

Down there is no cavern but an earthly embrace.

Someone swallows worlds,  takes you in,

Runs deep and sees with roots,



You are so quiet, deciding still?

I am your mother ,come.

© neelthemuse, 2012

Send out a prayer


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I have read contrasting views about co-sleeping. Should children sleep away from the mother from day one or should they stick to the womb for a longer time and bond? Either way, there have been many controversial views. If facts interest you, read this feature on babies and knives.

Sleeping by the child is always seen from the child’s perspective; what of the parent?


sleep by me my child,

therapy comes in many a guise,

you smell like sea and cloud

mingling with the sun.


I hold onto immensities,

your little fingers. You broke my water, cracked my skull,

remade me bottom up.


What do you see from the hammock

that reminds of home? The song I sing comes

from somewhere deep that makes the love in corridors

and eyes that held a sham.



© neelthemuse,2011


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when naughty children sleep

like squirrels?


they sleep


love punctuates the quilt that tucks,

dreams soft on their faces,

their smells comfort.


their Tantrums

paper tissues in the wind.



© neelthemuse,2011


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The Bookish Squirrel

There is a squirrel that keeps climbing through my window…a bookish squirrel….part of a poem for this inquisitive creature…….

Knock Knock

May I come in Sir/Madam?

This is a wondrous place

With a bookshelf of wood

And books lined like soldiers

Waiting to why die with bullets?


The door is shut

But the window ajar

Just about enough of room

And welcome for me to enter

Or steal in. Your books are delightful, they make me think………….


The window?

Shut even that?

But I was starting to like the look and feel

The ambience…..


Look at you knock knock knock looking at me

Knock knock knock without the light of understanding in your

Eyes heavy with books and book covers and pages and pages

Of words and syllables and letters of thought,

Look at the way night stays in a room shut out!


© neelthemuse,2011


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