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Sometimes all of us, at one point or the other, think about the people with us, without us and those others who disappeared for various reasons. What surprises the most are the people with us. If we step outside the taken for granted zone, these people are so basic to whom we perceive ourselves to be. As basic as fabric.


What holds us

The snake sloughs its skin, and you?
Grow, until the mesh begins to tear,
Muslin comes out the truth, dexterity is worn
By time, by bonfires of monologues
making sense of what you said.

Then when the day is done and birds look for flying nests.
Mountains erode. Nothing left but thread.


 © neelthemuse,2013



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Falling into the Moon

I have a little Facebook Group called All Things Writing (of course you must join if you are not averse to FB). The idea is to spread the love of words….it reflects a lot on my twitterati finds and anything pertaining to reading and writing. While I was at it, I found a write up about how Reading slowly is Catching on.

Reading is a bit of an addiction if you ask me. As this poem presented itself, I realized how much our relationship with life and everything in it, even books, changes over time….


dive into my deep blue sea, slip disc me, tie me up into little knots

until I can not breathe.

frenetic touchgrabhold one night stand

I never asked your name.


Now a meandering stream.

We grow moss velvet on walls, we sing through pauses with our eyes

We sigh sometimes when the elusive rabbit on the moon

Rises to greet us.


Joss Burnel


© neelthemuse,2012


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Last Dance

Have you ever wondered about the tapestry of images that a peaceful death can evoke? When I saw this picture

Sunday Picture Press

I thought about the sweetness of one’s last moments. It is a time of saturation when all of life’s characters do the last dance right before your eyes.


Once upon a time- it comes to me now in a rush

It isn’t so bad to be leaving. I know what you think.

Tears well up in your eyes when you see I have packed.

Journeys! what marks they make on memory. It isn’t that way at all

The sea swell in your throat is for you. Not me. I see that now, so clearly


As I lie down- there is a rush with the past, time ticks again and I see us dance

Yesterday, a song? replayed.  Thoughts suspended- the he and the she becoming

That elusive thing- the Self? The One? The only?


Enacts once more and in my mind two shadows kiss.

I will not share this joy with you- My mystery,  My going- see my pallor

In fear.  In wonder.


© neelthemuse, 2012



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Got into a little argument about the existence of a soul mate- is there such a thing?


A little to the right, yes, can you see right there?

He’s the one- he’ll build you a dream to wake up to in the morning

And sing you a song when times are rough.


O really?

The one who will give me a reality check

Who will lecture me about leftrightcentric

When I’m in no man’s land? The one who will break me

Raw like an egg and lick the yoke of his lips.

No thank you.


I see you can not believe that such a thing exists

As two halves of the moon, or two lips in a smile

Obvious as it is, you go upstream. Look behind you

The better half exists in the flesh.


For how much?

Nothing good is free

There has to be a catch(she searches for a price tag)

Isn’t there? in everything beautiful, even life.

(She holds on to her gold chain and leaves it, as though it too must die)


Ah there is a catch, you are right there.

He is a mirror you will have to delve into.

He asks for time- how much I know not.

But time enough to look and learn the contours of his being

Time enough to lose your face in his, until you forget

Who walked into this store and asked me for a price.


© neelthemuse, 2012


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Work on Weekends


Work has become such an integral part of life today that spouses tend to ignore each other. One starts ignoring the other and then the other retaliates by returning that lack. The cycle does not end, and gets particularly acute when work happens on successive weekends. In the end a little voice hits one spouses’ conscience- the voice of emotion, something hard to terminate.


Excuse me, but there is only this much of me that you can ignore.

I have wings, I fly, return, always through the night windows when the draft

Shifts those curtains, that’s me in the moon shadows.


Talk to me for god’s sake, eliminate bad taste, it’s easy if you try

If only you two can spend a little time, an hour or two, taking me in your arms

Like a new-born babe, if only you two could fall in love again, then?


You are cold like night chill. Your eyes look sideways, you don’t drink each other in,

Something is cracking and falling apart, a vase of flowers, promises on the floor.

Do you really think you can go on living, living, dying like fossils. How long?


You’ll always dig me up in the end even if you don’t want to, like a picture or a letter

Wedged angular in a drawer so memories wouldn’t keep. You buried me in prayer before I died,

Reflections come rising up with the waves, so don’t even try to dissect the murmer in the heart that

Beats. I’ll be back.


© neelthemuse, 2012


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