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Finding your Voice: A Simple Exercise

Finding your voice is what all writing workshops are ultimately about.

I did an exercise a long time ago, days before the daily prompts you could subscribe to. One way that works is writing a short paragraph with three characters and writing from the perspective of each character.

Suppose there is a poet, a vampire and a woman


woman  the vampire- I leave to your imagination    Poet 1967


Write as though you are the poet. Tell the poet’s story, his house near the hills, his dreams of becoming a famous poet, his love affairs.

Then write as though you are the woman. The woman could be unhappy, someone who searches for truth in her unhappy relationship. Although she is despondent, she dares to search.

Write as though you are a female vampire trapped in a house with a hundred rooms. The vampire wants only to be wanted. She is trapped in a bell jar of unhappiness and wants release.

These are characters in my novella Unsettled. You can choose three characters of your own and see whose voice you most relate to. You will identify with one of the three characters and that is when you will write more freely, without glancing at the clock.

This is one way you can discover the inclination of your Voice.

Try this exercise and let me know if it worked for you as it did for me.

© neelthemuse, 2014
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Of Amazon and other things

This year my first ebook came out and now it’s available at Amazon, Smashwords and itunes. YAY!

Writing a book is not what you imagine it to be. I had a very different idea about what it meant.

What is writing a book then?

It’s a beginning. When you start writing a story like Unsettled, a novella of 20,000 words, and you finish the story, you realize that here’s something you could do for a long time.

It’s a search. The story talks about a court poet’s ordeal when he loses his words for the love of a temptress. Writing about a poet seemed to be the most natural thing for me to do…I suspect that is why I was able to write it in four weeks. Any other story would take much longer as I’ve already started to figure out.

It’s connecting. I’ve met many lovely writers and editors. Everyone I’ve interacted with has taught me something new.

It’s being willing to start over. I’ve started reading books from the beginning to the end(an achievement because I usually stop half way),  discovered some lovely writing talent in my own home turf, and begun to contemplate on poetry books with more than casual curiosity.

It’s marketing. This year I was hit by the fb bug. When you write a story you have to ask friends, family, the entire Universe to conspire in your happiness. And it’s not just on fb that you pitch your story.

Once you’ve written the book, the story of the story is a different story altogether. So far, it’s been a learning curve of the highest order and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for better things.

neelthemuse@ 2013

Check out my book Unsettled @ Amazon


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The book launch finally happened at the Indireads Book Store and my first ebook is out along with thirty other romances!


Unsettled is  a story about a search and about love, but most of all it’s about how poetry can get into fiction if it means that much. This is one reason I wrote this story. Now all that’s left is for you to read it.

Go to and read of course!


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This poem is several years old. Part of me is sentimental about it, it being an old poem that has survived this long. So a small part of it for the Buddha Rocks Project Day 2. Some poems wait for pictures.


When they thought I was unlucky

They moved me, the laughing Buddha,

A porcelain roundness punctuated by a smile…….



I have an advantage by the window-

I can see all, milk cat with a fish in its teeth,

A train of black ants follow their appetite,


My guests, innocent, coming and going,

A continuous flux. Change is then a good thing

I tell the dust of Baamiyan.




© neelthemuse,2011


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Wake up, says the lotus

I found myself immersed in some marvelous writing….some books are experiences and not just words….so here’s a dedication to a writer who has opened up worlds in so many….


It does exist you know

The elusive magic wand

In the inner santum sanctorum

In the heart.


I was asleep,

The blinds were down

So I slept, and you dreamt

With me…….


I just didn’t know

Even when the alarm bells rang

And there was smoke and fire

And 911s

Like Kumbhakarna.


You had to lift up the blinds,

Just a wee bit;

You womb, you tomb,

You silly girl!




© neelthemuse,2011

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Bhishma in a moment of self pity


That’s what they will call my life

When reading from scrolls to hapless men

Who must learn of ancient history

To understand now.


But I loved every moment

Of my fingers on Amba’s waist

And Ambalika’s as I dragged them

To their destiny.

Why not?


I was dragged by my roving father,

The hunter who hunted his wives,

I learnt from him- he was entangled.

I the scion, always the scion.

Even when I had a chance

With my brother’s wives,

I didn’t need left overs.

I gave them to a sage

And he wrote a story.


I was mute in  court

When Draupadi was immortalized.

See Vyasa and I had a pact

And stories need humiliation,

The spice of life.

We knew this back then

Even before celluloid.


We knew, both of us,

the scion and the sage

About the rape scene

And how it lingers

In innocent minds

Interested in a good thrill.


I lived a long time

And you can pity me

If you think fit,

But I held out in Hastinapur

Amongst these egotistical princes.


I met Krishna

The cleanser of all worlds,

I knew what he was doing,

The man with the sky and the earth

In his feather.


I was lucky enough to visit you my lord.

They denigrate you now.

They call you a playboy,

They say you forced Arjuna to fight.

Didn’t we all know that while Vyasa wrote

You called the shots? The world had to end,

You maker of leelas.


I was always on the right side of wrong,

The coin flips,

Things change,

All lives stories.

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